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Johnny D

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:[ [May. 16th, 2011|01:22 am]
Johnny D
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2009|03:51 pm]
Johnny D
[tunes |Misfits - Hybrid Moments | Powered by Last.fm]

pretty late but

RIP Lux Interior.
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2/23/09 [Feb. 23rd, 2009|05:29 pm]
Johnny D
[i feel |hungryhungry]
[tunes |The Minibosses - Mike Tyson's Punchout | Powered by Last.fm]

amount of skilled programmers and coders decreasing while amount of people who want to create games stays the same, sf4, made the same mistake today as i did on the first road test

so i wonder how many schools out there are teaching courses in video game design. making video games would still be a dream job for me, but perhaps i went about it wrong as a budding young'un. the article i read in edge, about how different ways of creating game content are budding up (they likened it to how youtube made everybody a filmmaker, but with games), said that developers are realizing there's less coders out there, but still an abundance of people who wish to create. having failed computer science horribly, and ignoring the fact that i've graduated with a social science degree, i think i fall somewhere in that category.

with all these different resources to make games, none of which i have ever tried, it shows how making games is more than just coding. of course ultimately all video games are built on code, but given the proper toolset a really good (if amateurish) game can be made. all it takes is a little imagination and inspiration. just like everything else that has been created, i guess.

i picked up SF4 yesterday and it's fuuuuuuun. online sucks, i only got into one game and it lagged as all hell. good thing the other guy was just as nooby as me though heh. crimson viper is my main squeeze for now, but that can always change as i play the game. o and also crimson viper is terry bogard. even though she doesn't have a crack shot (which abel has), she has an electrified BAHNING KNUCKOO and non'super BUSTAH WORUF. and she copped his pony tail. what a jocker.

so i practically got my parallel parking down, it's like a 90% deal for me. but when a car came from behind, i didn't see it again. even though i checked like mad before i started the park. i only noticed it when i saw the sun glints off of it coming into our car. how sad. i need to figure out what i do wrong, how i don't notice these things. maybe i should just stop more often? slow down the process, and look around? but if there are no cars coming as i know it, shouldn't i just finish up my parking? bah humbug.

i didn't read any "real" news today, aside from the fact that obama thinks he's gonna halve the deficit and that some guy is making a play about fritzl and the whole crew of it is getting ragged on. i'm such a good crim grad aren't i.

O YEAH: police test and the g train/area around tech. i wrote something about all that in my sidekick, guess i should try to remember to transfer that thing sometime. the stuff i wrote i mean.

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2/19/09 [Feb. 19th, 2009|06:13 pm]
Johnny D
[i feel |discontentdiscontent]
[tunes |HORSE the band - Kangarooster Meadows | Powered by Last.fm]

new fire emblem, i'm not so much of a failure at driving, i could quite possibly fail the nypd written exam, is kim jong-il going to die, can i find a proper job in the next 6 months

so there's a new fire emblem that came out some days ago for the ds. hopefully i can put enough time into it today, before i get caught up in team fortress 2 or left 4 dead the rest of the night.

practiced a lot of parallel parking after my dad gave me a very rough mini lecture on learning driving etiquette. i feel that's something i will end up coming around to, i just wanna get my license already. i better pass this time.

since i'm taking the written nypd exam tomorrow, i decided to check out the website again and try out their tutorial/practice test. surprisingly, i got more wrong than i was expecting. i almost had 20 wrong out of 53 questions; can i really fail an exam that so many other people who are arguably less intellectually developed than i passed? from what i feel, yes, i can really fail. hopefully i can tap into whatever memorization skills i have during the actual exam.

i heard earlier and just read a small caption about how there is a power struggle in north korea. whatever happened to stamping out such trouble? is the almighty leader losing his hold? maybe i should've actually read the article...haha

can i find a proper job in the next 6 months? guess i can, but will i? guess i will, but that depends on me don' it.
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ventilating. [Feb. 14th, 2009|03:03 pm]
Johnny D
[i feel |stressedstressed]

sooo after thinking about it, i should have a place to throw my thoughts into. i ingest all this news and media without properly allowing it to digest; can i say that?

so i've come back here. should i go to blogspot? maybe not, i'll be doing the same exact thing, saying it to the exact same people. how about xanga? ehhh, brings back too many sentiments from high school. should i just type stuff into my old notepad file? maybe, but i lose out on all the cool internet interactivity by doing that. so i guess i'm back here.

so i need to put this thing on my favorites list and properly update how it looks, along with how it speaks.

note: motivators of the day - various disgusting things in the food we eat, mareva galanter
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PI MF'ERS [Jan. 21st, 2008|08:26 am]
Johnny D
[Current Location |Forestry!]
[i feel |awakeawake]

ahhhh, the philippines. the last two weeks were pretty hawt. too bad i have trouble trying to remember and place when things happened out here. reminder for next trip, wherever it is: tiny book and pen. haha

well, lemme at least try to get some events/key words, phrases, and places out.

the detective + first hk visit, iba trip, lahar, sbma trail + aetas, night time arrival, teriyaki boy + negrito's bar, silver ceremony + SO MANY RELATIVES, LOTS of food, vixar + kumpadres + willis, birthday ni noynoy + green shirts + vice tempting, jeepneys + olongapo, proper mano timing, constant opposition to personal habits, barrio barreto, dry season, local wildlife + avian animals, interesting scenery all the time, chez tita ning.

hmmm, that almost gets most of it, i'm pretty sure. perhaps i'll clean this up when i get back to nyc IN ALMOST 48 HOURS. w00+.
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No Country For Old Men, bitches! [Dec. 13th, 2007|03:44 am]
Johnny D
[i feel |chipperchipper]
[tunes |The Cramps]

GOD no country for old men was awesome.

so moody and suspenseful and unsettling and smart. with a totally wicked villain to boot! all set in the southwest!

can't say if i like it more than fargo tho, would have to watch that one again. altho snow and cold is as nice as the southwest hehe.

and yeah finals. g/l h/f hehe
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LOL [Nov. 30th, 2007|05:13 pm]
Johnny D
[i feel |fullfull]
[tunes |Balzac]

hello again.

it's been a while hasn't it.

i sure miss blogging.


'til next time!
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hello again [Mar. 22nd, 2005|01:49 am]
Johnny D
[i feel |tiredtired]
[tunes |The Pillows - Ride on Shooting Star]

so i haven't blogged here in like a month. pretty bad, hahaha. sorry that i've been caught up with wow and school -_-

so lemme see what i will share...this girl i've been attracted to for the past 5 years finally gave me her number, hahaha. i've been cutting class more lately. my birthday passed by, i had fun during that whole thing. and i came back from a pillows show! i dunno how many times they've played the US before, but i know it's not a lot. i'm not going to class again tomorrow cuz of this...man, hahaha.
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hmmmm. [Feb. 19th, 2005|11:11 pm]
Johnny D
[i feel |accomplishedaccomplished]
[tunes |Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington - It Don't Mean a Thing (If]

so another update in my life. went to see the gates with my cousin karen today. they were nice, complementing the shape and rolls of central park. problem was i couldn't take a really good pic of any set of gates. i just couldn't, hahahaha. whatever. it was nice nonetheless.

i started playing WoW last night. free 10-day trial. i think i'm gonna buy it, although i've always wanted to. it's just money problems. once i get it, though, my night elf hunter will be beautiful.

so yeah. off to shadowglen once more...
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